FAA Biannual | biannual flight review

As stated in FAA FAR PART 61.56, a biannual flight review (BFR) is required of every holder of an FAA pilot certificate at least every 24 months. Regardless if you have an original FAA license or your license is converted based on your home country license, you need a BFR. It is due all two years and can be done with the iFly4You Certified Flight Instructor.

The minimum is one hour of Ground School and one hour of Flight Training. Depending if you are current or your knowledge and skills need to be refreshed, it might take a little bit more than the minimum.

A flight review could cover take-offs and landings with or without flaps extended, a short field take-off, 45 degree steep turns, power-on and power-off stall, a simulated engine failure, a partial or complete instrument panel failure during an approach to land and a variety of other maneuvers that may be applicable to you to show you are proficient in flying an airplane.


Price for a BFR from either Lelystad Airport or Vliegveld Hilversum (The Netherlands):

BFR | € 249,-- (includes one hour of Ground School and one hour of Flight Training)


faa biannual

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